Thursday, July 12, 2012

Erasure Head in the Blind Kangaroo Bucket

       Empty a cloud gather go. So numb the tongue
a channel plus opened. Edges within. An entry
       was must for the patient fervor. Who wants
as a grafted stack hampered at bleak dilettante
       phases in a waning harlequin chair. Beleaguer
while jarred an upsurge. Pumped to the cushion
       bleak cot fretted and mild. Of a perpetual state.
Who lacquered that oaken door shut. That the
       entire buzz of denoted hoards left to cling by
their uneasy guilt. Until rubber bounced upon
       the chiffon crevice, kept at no better effort as.
And only in undoing has flown out the noiseless
       erasures. Then with such the tamper hammer
man sociopath. The circuit closer to a roo sack.

The Lady in the Radiator