Sunday, September 28, 2014


Ubdop what doing done. At
                        slump of the being which has
been made slipped into such
                        unique summer an irresistible
course. Ubdop these crackly
                        butterflies and we are emphatic
wings. Half of abandon being.
                        Then arise deepens with huge
a sullen let does. Was enough
                        ubdop the abdomen now lacks
in us. For only in them did our
                        perplex eye have budges leant.
Formed of our gentle stretch is.
                        There we are stood upon with
pedestrian peepers out. Huddle
                        the elegy from which is burnt.
Ubdop than by a smitten sun.
                        Ubdop what seems selfish was
left to rush under a plain table.
                        Ubdop a wander leg flown off
so still could we cut a heavy hem.


Storm and Erik at Madeline Island

James in Duluth (by Nick Autio)

James in a Dome (by Bette Autio)

Had Bryter Wan

  I stuck out my trudge. And I lay very still.
I gave set upon my marsh light. Stretched
   out my under there. Ran whole only until
wandering into my crinkle gaze. Went to
   flesh by about had seem strange. Here my
head muster parsed within my own racket
   being heard. The other weed that come on
later. I bent by my blossom rose. Will not
   dream again of hooves that hackled back.
I birth then which breathe were as hidden
   in progressive fissures. Had I float out in
the burnished sunshine. Paled on a twitch
   being. Had now a beginning uniform into
which I tipped a hat to. I had pulling away
   slept into glances. Then I dissipated back
to my crooked furrows. Simple than to the
   morning struck. It is under by poise tipped.

Andeg Waabishkindibe - gesso on journal cover

“That wet prickle is her lip”

Casual rain the pot flood. Bent hinge slipped
onto that angel billet were an ark barges. Held
a put over let plunge the crinkle sea glut. Numb
the page is elated. Were a hostile drift dimmed
in this lifted drought that melt of such mockery.
Clothe the passage lean. Cane a seamless ocean.
Had edged by soften cataract nibs. Eyes prickle
to the salted impulse were dark and mewling.
Shadow on irradiate gullet. Crouched at false
etching. Had balanced of each swift thatching
that shielded the idle wharfs. Widen the bland
parsee. Would dusk have exile under departure
gulls. Resume the sea wash light, the creaking
rain. Subtle thorns a water bride emptied to our
cull haunt. In a thimble perish by transfigured
drizzle had condescend to weary on. Been the
delight each downy wet burnished for every
dribbling eyebrows. Brimmed by ocean tides.
Brimmed by fermented aromatics we smoked.


Cliffside. The ship gets safely home.
Bread left by the bluer shoals. Bent

of this painted earth. Clearing these
simple banquet on the hasten rudder.

Let pleasant the becoming unchained
onto the sun. Will produce amongst

such a dynamic hinge. Let claim the
spillway never happened. Brushing

the dream strand. Stood on a trusting
water and met by many replacement.

Had not yet remained from extended
reflective sea. Crooked furrow wave.

Her heroine been phased into paper
sails. Awaken to old leaves filling.

They are grafted on a canvas of days.
Further to be contained. The way has

cleared. So much night fell upon the
cave hole. So much cliffside made

of a circling sends. Did shifted past.
And even because when moon mends

there are waves of dark poured over
head, orb poured into an open sieve.