Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nancy - acrylic on canvas


Shriveled cloth
that too, did you.
Comma blossom conversation
drop, jump in the moon,
skimming the nightjar of what is now mist.

We danced on train in. Gaunt
fruit glaze mud of sluice mill and scissor.
Spooned the glad man's gabardine plant nuggets
to light trail pack and bent. Find him late
in the iridescent algae at the farthest edge
from the track. We paste grim on the rack.

Like your kernel nub on the amble contour
of a nightshirt, a grasping bramble
of slander hand. Heart buried spindle. Poke
a bonnet switch cloth snagged in briar
duct under fungus lump burl and dally.

Dissolve a gilded lump as dusk slump. 
Look. Poach. Acorn oak. Splendid
crutch of naked and murk.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

James and Storm - Minneapolis, July 1994

James - Hoyer Heights, Jan. 2011

In Sheets of Rain

I dream in styles of offstage weather edge
and the white distress bonnet. Suspend
in linen drift. Decoupage. Hide
a holdover bag by someone’s
daughter leave to rain pause
like a similar church and
the resined pew in memory.
One discovers bird flurry and
necessitate claw, she at a time
smiles so slight, her kindness
to make the outline seldom garden.
There’s a certain obstacle to that texture.

Drawing in crayon and pen - by James, Donna and Paula

Such Cut

Out in creosote
heather pulverize moon surround
and curve retraction, woolen girder exhales
continual dusk and barge among sky sofa wells.
Palm under. Forced down the blazed out
lull bonnet, and under flank, sparkle emotion.
Spry lidless you, pre-sleeping in blank tubes,
your brocade retract and mended lift aloft, now
hat out with your cramp claw rake the air.
The form possibility and prolonged contortion.
As a forgotten gem, fog, horn-hem, lock and moon
rose lattice, at twelve bristle drop, chatter at the edge
a gasp back the swipe board and keep promise hold joist.
Reach the water sank, and pram back below partition.
The gully hedge if dark clam stipple sieve ferns
and black candor made usual plain mill
splice, while what’s left out, while when
only the tin crane remain.
Flat cotton. Lavender
grown linger. Mango
skillet and such.


Just like a buddha in the dome hut of ironwood, blunt
cornice hook breeze, squeeze and feel the drop. He pull
the caesura curtain, spark kinickinick hash
and icy splash of see tap in a coffee can, comb out
the etch cloth foggy naïf bristle gap. Be here crochet.
By twilight soon of the portico, he go beaver moondream
and knife clutch. He would terse beating on strict
margin of sky, ready for battling of sparrows, tight snitch
in the unscuff glove lift and back high, sweet rise
of a drink for the night moth utter fly and like
a saucer jaunt, whether supposed mercy
mutual increase, match and damp,
and go nifty with the magic bone,
or go back.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

detail - acrylic on canvas

digital photo

detail - acrylic on canvas

Le déjeuner sur l'herbe

Chatter bloom on the edge
where mulch egg thatch collapsed.
Fetch a sedge cheese and butter bread
in a patio satchel. Birds beak wide
at metal moss stream near the hang edge orchard
scrape the dead marsh grass on a bridge fly.
I pull you en plein air on red plaid [breathe],
smell of your heart lonely, jelly egg. Dazzle
an oat bellow bride the cold of which forever pickle.
In sight you will shape, pass sea foam and kitchen
body being. I tip a blue hat and elusive
tally lull between dense laments. Bird.
Under ache of harder sun, I leg pipe darken
the blazing terse and faux drip the rinds
into the salt path [we breathe].

Beacon Slurry

Broken slurry of a wobble fantastic girl. She needed I
was not so. Hoist jam in the dark early and passed descend
collate slurry, yet much of the mallet turner I see finally
haste blister theft and fixate for the bone paddock.
Freak for fishing pole putty jar squish in the brainpan.
Eat green apples. Cleft there in the camel boot pontoon
molt, furred knock over not sieve. Who it is.