Saturday, January 22, 2011

Such Cut

Out in creosote
heather pulverize moon surround
and curve retraction, woolen girder exhales
continual dusk and barge among sky sofa wells.
Palm under. Forced down the blazed out
lull bonnet, and under flank, sparkle emotion.
Spry lidless you, pre-sleeping in blank tubes,
your brocade retract and mended lift aloft, now
hat out with your cramp claw rake the air.
The form possibility and prolonged contortion.
As a forgotten gem, fog, horn-hem, lock and moon
rose lattice, at twelve bristle drop, chatter at the edge
a gasp back the swipe board and keep promise hold joist.
Reach the water sank, and pram back below partition.
The gully hedge if dark clam stipple sieve ferns
and black candor made usual plain mill
splice, while what’s left out, while when
only the tin crane remain.
Flat cotton. Lavender
grown linger. Mango
skillet and such.

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