Friday, February 4, 2011

Caesura Coda

Sister’s wiener lay on sand.
Beach fire and burnt stick. Wiener in hand, she ran.
Cold wave took away. Sister stand.
Watch wiener
float slow.

Wrap in foil.
Burrowed into beach. Loaded mortar:
Dropped potato into hole. Covered over.
Piled driftwood dry.
Hour fire.

Sand sear.
Little feet. Sun scorch.
Frolic jaunt over blister burn.
Run for water. Pause a bit.
Wee paws on beach towel.
Teary sear abate.

Old log.
Exhumed. Rolled.
Floated out. Little paddlers.
Little riders. Ladybugs.
Log near going under.
Pulled back to shore.

We have mallow.
Slow sloth seep.
Descend from stick tip.
Mallow sizzle on glow coal.
Tear sear now
slow abate.

Dead father.
Made ash in oven.
Made mix with sand.
Made ash on hand. Sister’s son ran:
Cold lake wave rinse. We grown,
wipe paw. Lemon-scent

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