Thursday, May 12, 2011


She also happened with her sense left upon this
 and again she saw awhile a couple and went after
  until the night garden exploded and with her ongoing
   were left pure, were it not to divert the elysian field

    that set with relative features. With no touch were it
   made possible to peach. And in this way was she asked
  for the cushion sugars that she had tried to the koi pond
 and she laced herself into such fragrant liqueurs there

and were to bloom to. Ask when the daisies emerge
 waterproof and demonstrate such plague signals after
  having put at the rational hook which had left with
   enough to denial when turned to easement. Then

    she turned reclusive. Use. She spared unframed then
   by the altered body compositions with no recourse
  to greater definition. Just as she had chosen persistence
 liners that you are now a snail alongside the tinier rind.

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