Monday, July 4, 2011

Bird of a Jetty

Without greater negation that there
  should be no loose rain forever so to fragile

with yet it seem. Talk our prescient
  salvation as out of a broken reservoir.

Casual. No sleeps in the glimpse.
  And there is little parting.

That there must persist, we suppose
  that put so by the song, a cameo liquid

framework to shift the only slight
  enlarge. Not to girdle with anxious. I could

know and who might get through
  the sensory fill now that the dark shine

and crying of the synod under frayed
  wallpapers. I write a name on the mourning

sun. I’ll be far to see to sing more formal,
  the point to each thing for what forgetting.

Tried for a private sorrow. But when you tried
  never did ache and stripped of a sound hollow

sluice bent. Behavior too have given way
  to get us through, as with an unbridle stealth.

More realize of another time, of a dark hold
  of a bent putty boat, directed but when it come

to be more expectant. Or so to care,
  but of course the abstract voices enjoin us.

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