Sunday, September 28, 2014


Ubdop what doing done. At
                        slump of the being which has
been made slipped into such
                        unique summer an irresistible
course. Ubdop these crackly
                        butterflies and we are emphatic
wings. Half of abandon being.
                        Then arise deepens with huge
a sullen let does. Was enough
                        ubdop the abdomen now lacks
in us. For only in them did our
                        perplex eye have budges leant.
Formed of our gentle stretch is.
                        There we are stood upon with
pedestrian peepers out. Huddle
                        the elegy from which is burnt.
Ubdop than by a smitten sun.
                        Ubdop what seems selfish was
left to rush under a plain table.
                        Ubdop a wander leg flown off
so still could we cut a heavy hem.

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