Saturday, May 23, 2015

In These Dandelion Hood

Milk cloak the bindle jar. Blanket a bent
milk tampering left cloak flowing. Made

milk of these flower robes. Milked even
of cowlick. That the dulled robes tapped

a skirt where in a dandelion hood. Once
been ruined a milk ogre had sat sudden

as for cutty bulk that these dick bearing
beneath by uneasy thimble. Milk an etch

is went. Scrub the puppet seat. Wishing
on a sympathetic milk chair. Of it mostly

better blanket the moment a thoughtful
horses. Than dark in curled these lunatic

thereafter. A mass. A ghost beak hooked
the shadowed edge. Somewhere in these

other eye reach to lingers. Huddle chalk
silhouette to make believe in fit to form.

Milk now the skip sun crack. Uncommon
turtle twisting. Exactly hopscotch caught

undered by regrown. Face is wreathed in
weedy fritz. Scrubbed the puppet seed is.

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