Saturday, February 4, 2012

Among the Lunar Fields

I see the yielding expand,
  eyes pressed into such bundled
    tinder, bulb waves beating.

Blew hollow wedge may catch
  of the grotto. Private flowers that
    had plum space and if I wasn’t tired

when I was cause there through.
  Taut in curious blue suit. Each day
    cleared of sleet whips. Said monkey

whisker. Said onion ape. Graph
  the touching floor, cut flash iris
    seemed hone with after whine has

away. A cluster cawl grown deft
  and there is now but a little loll
    of a more over barren tongue held

me to might have known the white
  dress seized to nearly crumple.
    We had heard both and done come,

pendulum had been in would unto
  a sour spill. Step it up. Bright shift
    for a wet moon, bird afloat

for arm space lit older we think
  the turn. Nightly we slow. No one
    said yet with this, felt to swim latch 

back along some knowledge cones.

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