Saturday, February 4, 2012

Of a Poutine Niche

There is the meat gravy in the crock. Held
that had stand the sandbag berm. You were spirit

that a slant bucket trout spurts, and he disclosed
of the bent nozzle. Reflected hedge. They strip

and there tails the thin sullen turns. Whacked
to a soften ball. Been laced in deepen fat by places

the poutine use with creamy color rich, advanced
upon each milk bottle silhouette niche. Because

although the apple diet. Because when melancholy
parents suffused into their scattered flame and at

no one would poutine bear by. In a wheelbarrow.
Under the silent shrouded. Whom while I wept.

Whom do now rise to mediate, guide via whether
an emotional conduit. Poutine until both content.

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